Cell Tower Request For Ridgebury Has Arrived

Cell phone tower will bring in $12K in revenue for Evesham schools

We have no jurisdiction though, so all we will be able to do is comment on it. The referral went in front of both boards last night, but Ms. Brosius said she planned only on letting the commissioners know she had received it and that they would be asked to discuss it Tuesday, Nov. 12. We will accept it but it wont go much farther than that, she said. The project was also referred to the Conservation Commission so that the applicant can learn about the trails and active or passive recreation uses on the adjacent parcel now owned by the Town and managed as opened space that may be planned. Access to the proposed site is dependent on an easement through town-owned conservation land, as established under the approved resubdivision map, according to Ms. Brosius. When it finally arrives in front of the states siting council, the proposal will have to meet the states requirements of balancing the need for a tower with any significant adverse environmental effects. In the application to the town, Mr. Fisher submitted the projects technical report that concluded that the environmental effects involved localized visibility of the tower structure from residences, public properties and Seth Low Pierrepont State Park. He also stated that on-site management of storm water and erosion controls are required during and after construction because of the terrain of the lot.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.theridgefieldpress.com/23196/cell-tower-request-for-ridgebury-has-arrived/

It wont be close to the school and wont do harm to the children, Student said. According to Nettleton, Verizon is looking to expand its 4G network in that part of town, and they estimate that it will assist Verizon customers online with their service. There is no cost to build the tower, Nettleton said. Verizon Wireless will build the tower on district property and rent the space from the district at approximately $1,000 per month. The tower has flexibility as well. This tower has been designed to accept other vendors, Nettleton said. They would require a separate leasing agreement with the district. Currently, the district is facing budgetary shortfalls, which has brought about conversations to close Evans Elementary School, in addition to other budgetary solutions, including selling district-owned property. Superintendent John Scavelli said at the most recent board of education meeting that the district will begin next years budget with a $2 million obligation for salary and benefits. According to Scavelli, approximately $1 million of that can be raised through taxes with the cap. We have a fundamental problem every year, which has been true last year, next year and the following year, Scavelli said at the meeting. The tax levy cap is here and unless that law is changed, we have to deal with it every single year. This is our particular problem on the scope were talking about. The cell phone tower is part of the districts answer to finding alternative avenues to raise money. The tower will be located within the bus lot due to fewer buses on the lot, according to Student.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://sj.sunne.ws/2013/11/08/cell-phone-tower-will-bring-in-12k-in-revenue-for-evesham-schools/


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