Oakland Police Radio Culprit: Cell Towers

Officers routinely have been unable to connect to dispatchers or to communicate with other officers. In addition, the radios do not work in hundreds of buildings, including the basement of Oakland police headquarters. The night President Obama visited Oakland in July, police radios went down, although after the president had left town. More issues to inspect Cruise emphasized that cell tower interference was only one part of the city’s examination. “Our investigation is continuing,” Cruise said. “This is not the end of it, for sure. There are plenty more issues we’re looking at. We’re working on plans to remove all of them.” Cruise said the city will be looking at cell phone towers of other companies, particularly T-Mobile , which uses a frequency that might also interfere with police radios. Oakland and the Federal Communications Commission had been investigating the police radio communications problems.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Oakland-police-radio-culprit-cell-towers-3802585.php

Enterkin, District 5 Challenger, Has Cell Tower, Billboard Interests

The agreement, under which Crown Castle will also buy about 600 AT&T towers outright, will bring AT&T about $4.85 billion in cash up front. Its expected to close by the end of this year. After Crown Castle takes http://www.wickedlocal.com/belmont/newsnow/x1838119990/Cell-tower-lease-terminated over the towers, it will lease them back to AT&T, so the carrier says it doesnt expect the transaction to affect subscribers service. But the arrangement does provide a hint of how much faith mobile companies have in the future of this still-young business. At 28 years, stretching out until 2041, the average lease term for these towers is far beyond the horizon of most predictions about mobile bandwidth, apps or devices. But the trends underlying mobile data point to new capabilities coming online for years, and full-size cell towers are likely to be critical infrastructure for decades, according to Tolaga Research analyst Phil Marshall. Its a pretty good bet, he said. Vendors are already looking at demand for the next generation of mobile networks, a so-called 5G thats not yet being hashed out as a standard. Vish Nandlall, Ericssons CTO and senior vice president of strategy, said last week that 5G gear is likely to appear in commercial networks beginning in 2020. He sees it offering 10 times the capacity of 4G LTE, as well as features for low-power machine-to-machine communications. Photo: Stephen Lawson Vish Nandlall, CTO and senior vice president of strategy at Ericsson, speaking at the 2013 GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco If a new generation of mobile comes every 10 years, as Nandlall believes, then 28 more years may bring us to 7G.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.pcworld.com/article/2056660/atandt-looks-28-years-into-the-future-of-cell-towers.html

AT&T looks 28 years into the future of cell towers

Vish Nandlall

Cellphone towers have been an issue of importance to District 5 especially, where community members organized to oppose the placement of new towers. Councilwoman Archibong introduced 11-O-0533 in 2012 to place limits on new cell phone towers within certain parts of the District. The legislation passed in July 2013. Meanwhile, as for billboards, the Georgia Legislature passed HB 179 in 2011, which allows billboard owners to cut down trees within five hundred feet of a billboard. This legislation is already having an impact in Atlantas Buckhead community, where Councilmembers and neighborhood groups will be stymied in their efforts to implement pedestrian-friendly zoning schemes such as SPI 9 and SPI 12. Enterkin, a little-known recent entry to the race, who has been attacking Archibong, works as Vice President of Landmark Dividend, a company that financially benefits from billboards and cellphone towers. Landmark makes lump sum payments to landowners who have long-term leases for cell phone towers and billboards, but then acquires the lease payments. According to her LinkedIn page, Enterkin has served as VP since 2012. Her job description is: Oversee a diverse portfolio of real estate acquisitions including wireless, wind turbine, solar, and billboard advertising. Detail includes contract negotiations, due diligence, purchase facilitation, market research, portfolio analysis, and long term financial goals.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.atlantaprogressivenews.com/interspire/news/2013/10/26/enterkin-district-5-challenger-has-cell-tower-billboard-interests.html


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