Vertical Consultants Assists Property Owners With Atlanta Cell Tower Expansion

Cell Tower update -Can you hear the neighborhood association now?

Vertical Consultants has recently assisted many Atlanta area landowners who have turned to them for guidance with their cell tower leases, including property owners from the metro area, as well as surrounding locales such as Norcross and Cumming. With this expansion into the Atlanta market, there is a need for property owners willing to lease their land for cell tower placement and, for those existing cell tower landlords, continuing their cell tower leases with their respective telecom tenants is crucial. Vertical Consultants can work to negotiate terms that establish rights that are beneficial to the landowner, while limiting the obligations that same party may have under that same agreement, or more to the point: get the most and give up the least. A property owners first step will need to be to establish true value of its site and go from there. Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants states, The incredible growth in mobile demand is having a huge impact on the value of new cell tower leases and existing ones, yet cell tower landlords often do not realize it. Vertical Consultants strives to provide property owners, not only in Atlanta, but throughout North America, with empirical information and representation that leads to the landowners realization of monetary gain within their cell tower leases. Giving credence to the assertion of disparity between property owners and telecom companies are Vertical Consultants results in not only increasing cell tower lease value, but also in recovering unpaid cell tower rents from telecom companies for their clients. In 2012, the telecom consulting firm increased property owners cell tower rent by 142%, and has, in just over two years, recovered over 200 years worth of unpaid cell tower rent and expenses, collectively. Vertical Consultants was founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom and is comprised of group of telecom experts with decades of combined telecom experience. Vertical Consultants prides itself as the only true landowner advocate, handling all aspects of a telecom lease from start to finish while garnering unmatched results for their clients.
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Kevin Hart with the group No Telus Tower says residents were suddenly notified by letter Thursday. It is not going to go over very well. Obviously we were successful in postponing the tower going up four months ago and I think people are not going to be very happy. Hart says Telus has failed to consult with the community. I wouldnt expect any less from a big company like that to clearly the bare minimum to what they have to do within the law and try to bully people. He says in the letter Telus warns of legal consequences should anyone interfere with construction. Telus says they have engaged in an exhaustive search for an alternate site for the 50-foot high cell phone tower to no avail. Spokesperson Liz Sauve says it is also becoming a safety issue in the area as poor reception affects 9-1-1 calls. We have received dozens of calls over the past few months from residents complaining about poor service and in fact this area is the worst corridor in the entire city for dropped calls and a poor wireless signal. If we dont proceed now the existing service in the area will seriously deteriorate in the coming months and years. As for any health affects Sauve says the site will meet Health Canadas stringent safety codes. She says a vacuum cleaner will give off more radiation that the Telus cell tower.
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Depsite protests, controversial Telus cell tower is going up

The person assigned to make the Citys decision, Hearings Officer Scott Fewel had to weigh the citys ten recommendations and NENs objections against portions of city law that allows variances to law be made for many reasons. On September 9, Fewel decided to grant AT&T the variance. He said he found that AT&T adequately addressed what was needed to qualify for a variance as long as it also followed the Citys ten recommendations. He did not comment on NENs objections. At NENs request, Ward 1 City Councilman Chuck Bennett asked for the Council Call Up. This means a new review of the entire matter will occur on October 28, with Fewels decision no longer binding. We hope the council will look at the matter all over again, says NENs Nancy McDaniel. We dont know if this will result in the cell tower being rejected, but we just didnt feel the application was complete and there are some issues we would like to be addressed. Both sides are expected to express their positions at the October 28th hearing; written public testimony is allowed prior to that date. The second major hearing concerning cell towers in Salem is scheduled for December 2nd. This hearing will discuss the way Salems laws may be altered to more effectively govern wireless communication facilities. As a result of this meeting the city may change, among other things, the rules for cell tower dimensions and placement. Three existing Salem cell towers have already received variances from current code on how tall they can be or how near they can be to people. The potential new structure on State Street, if it is approved, would be the fourth; it would be 81% closer to areas zoned for people (residences and offices) than current law allows. The codes that govern these matters were last updated in 1996, and both the Citys Planning Division and Planning Commission believe re-writing and reorganization are needed. On December 2nd a possible new set of codes, titled SRC715, which are available for review on the City of Salems website, will be discussed.
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