How “cell Tower Dumps” Caught The High Country Bandits—and Why It Matters

Maharashtra floats cell tower draft policy

By 11:50AM, both CAPITO’s and GLORE’s mobile telephones are using towers in Payson, Arizona, that are almost certainly within the coverage area of the Compass Bank located at 613 S. Beeline Highway, Payson, Arizona. GLORE’s telephone remains on these Payson cell towers and last uses a Payson cell tower located only 1 mile from the Compass Bank at 3:27PM when he receives a call from CAPITO’s cell telephone. CAPITO’s telephone continues to use the Star Valley and Payson towers through the 3:27PM call, when CAPITO’s telephone is using a cell tower located only 1.7 miles from the Compass Bank. At approximately 3:29PM, the High Country Bandits rob the Compass Bank, 613 S. Beeline Highway, Payson, Arizona. The next call on either GLORE or CAPITO’s mobile telephones is at approximately 4:40PM when they are contacting each other and both are using the cell tower near Punkin Center, approximately 30 miles south of Payson, Arizona. Both mobile telephones remain using that cell tower throughout the night and return to Show Low, Arizona by 11:00AM the next day. The FBI now had a pair of suspects, and they weren’t exactly crown princes of crime.
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Cell towers hidden in church steeples

Its the federal government and Industry Canada that will have the final say on the 30-metre tower to be built off Bancroft Drive. Area residents like Zeke Kanhai say the tower is too close to homes and will change the life of the Minnow Lake neighbourhood. “Should this tower be approved, my poor man’s castle will no longer feel the same, he said. I would feel I have been cheated of a dream.” ‘We will want more facilities.’ -Bell Mobility spokesperson John Woods Bell Mobility spokesperson John Woods told the planning committee during its Monday night meeting that his company has 22 towers in the Sudbury area. But he said Bell does plan to meet the consumer demand for stronger cell signals by putting up more towers in the coming years. “It’s not a threat, but we will come back to you, he said. We will want more facilities. We will want to bring more communications to you. Our main goal is we want to improve your community and that’s why we’re here tonight.” In rejecting the tower, Sudbury city councillors said they hope to inspire the federal government to require cell towers to be a certain distance away from residential areas.
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24 meeting. We just deliberated, she said. We went through, in detail with each member, the standard by which AT&T had to meet the variance, and we talked about the various concerns of the abutters. One of the concerns of the abutters, she said, was that if the variance were approved would there be maintenance vehicles in the area at all hours of the day and night to perform maintenance on the tower. We thought that was a fair concern, she said. So as a condition of the permit, we said that all non-emergency maintenance had to be performed during the day. Another issue raised by abutters was that construction of the tower would not be taking place at all hours. So the condition was added that work could not take place on the project before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m., and there would be no work allowed on Sundays. Again, it would have been a disruption in the lives of the people who live in the area, Trezise said. Will Keyser, spokesman for AT&T New England, said the company is obviously pleased by the ruling of the ZBA. This tower is going to mean significant improvement in coverage for the towns residents. Currently, only 36 percent of the population in Scituate has access to reliable wireless service. When in service, this new tower will expand that figure to 70 percent. AT&T began looking at the site in 2009. web site Originally, the Wampatuck School was deemed an ideal location, but the town would not agree to construct a cell tower in such close proximity to a school. In 2011, a corporate decision shelved consideration of the Tilden Road property until 2012 when the company returned to resume discussions. This past August attorney Edward Pare, Jr. of the Boston law firm Brown Rudnick sent a letter to the Scituate Board of Selectmen on behalf of AT&T asking the board to reconsider its previous decision not to permit a cell tower at the Wampatuck School site, located at 226 Tilden Road. Pare said AT&T had looked at 29 different sites in Scituate, and that the Tilden Road neighborhood proved ideal.
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Scituate ZBA: Cell tower approved

The state draft, a copy of which is with TOI, stipulates that buildings on which cell towers are installed need to be legal. “This condition will render many existing cell towers open to action. Mumbai has over 1,800 illegal buildings that have had cell towers for 10-15 years now. When they were installed, there were no guidelines on towers,” said a senior bureaucrat in the urban development department. But the draft also says that cell towers are critical infrastructure and existing ones should be allowed to remain on unauthorized buildings as long as the latter are structurally safe. “If the municipality decides to demolish an illegal building that may have a cell tower, it will have to give a three-month notice to tower operators, giving them enough time to shift,” said a state official. “This aspect was not touched by the BMC in its policy.” Incidentally, the telecom industry does not want the conditions of 70% residents’ consent and minimum distance between cell towers and schools, hospitals, etc. Industry sources said the central government’s radiation guidelines are among the most stringent in the world and so consent of a building’s owner or its housing society or managing trust should sufficesomething the state draft has included. “Non-compliance with the country ‘s radiation norms attracts a huge penaltyRs 5 lakh per tower.
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Sudbury council shuts down cell tower request

Dr. Neil Cherry, a biophysicist at Lincoln University in New Zealand, stresses: “Public health surveys of people living in the vicinity of cell base stations should be carried out now, and continue progressively over the next two decades. This is because prompt effects such as miscarriage, cardiac disruption, sleep disturbance and chronic fatigue could well be indicators of the adverse effects. Symptoms of reduced immune system competence, cardiac problems, especially of the arrhythmic type, and cancers, especially brain tumor and leukemia, are probable.” Without a clear answer as to the effects of cell towers it is surprising that they are popping up everywhere. Churches low on cash or in need of repairs may find having a tower on their property beneficial. Phone companies pay rent for their placement and this can be up to $2000 a month. The company benefits greatly in this exchange; because even if a wise community has rejected a new tower, church property is often exempt from local zoning, land use laws and regulations pertaining to cell towers. Many of these churches are also home to daycare centers, and because of the way these new towers are hidden, people living around them or attending church inside may have no idea they are that close to a cell tower. The International Association of Fire Fighters in 2004 came out against the use of firehouses for cell antennas.
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