Proposed Regulations Disguise Cell Towers

Vertical Consultants Adds Oregon Company as Its Newest Cell Tower Lease Client

If neighbors don’t approve, cell towers would have to be at least 300 feet from homes. The goal is to protect the historic community in Yakima. But it could come at the expense of upgraded service. Towers can be covered or disguised to blend in, but neighbors worry these options will cause cell quality to suffer. “Especially in emergency situations which is the ultimate justification for having cell phones service, said Clark Reynolds. A rep from U.S. Cellular says it’s not just the design, but the height of the tower, number of antennas and surrounding terrain all factor in to the quality of your call or the speed of your data. “If they can disguise them, all the better, Reynold said. Yakima hopes laying out a clear balance of new technology with old aesthetics will send the right signal. The ordinance will be reviewed in about a month and could take effect a few weeks later.
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MONTGOMERY: Resident wants a cell tower on his property

Frank Schmidt & Son Co.’s property and deemed it necessary to renegotiate the terms within the lease. After receiving the result from Vertical Consultants’ complimentary cell tower lease review, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. officially signed on with the telecom consulting firm as a client. Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants states, We are privileged to have family-owned company, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co., added to our client list. We proudly offer valuable information that will lead to monetary gain and better cell tower lease terms to property owners across North America. We make it our priority to provide all landowners with beneficial advice, expertise and above all, results, and we are have been successful in doing so. The telecom consulting firm has become a catalyst for positive change in the telecom industry. In 2012, Vertical Consultants increased cell tower rents for their clients by 142% and since inception has recovered over 200 years worth of unpaid cell tower rent and expenses for clients, collectively.
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Lloyd Staats has been trying to have a cell phone tower built on his property for more than six years. The 88-year-old resident and veteran of two wars appeared at the Oct. 3 Township Committee meeting to ask what he has to do to get permission to lease 2,400 square feet of his property to AT&T to erect a much needed, vital cell tower so he and he and his wife and their neighbors would have reliable cell phone (coverage) available for emergencies. I still have the best available location in the area to do this, Mr. Staats said. It is more than 1,000 feet from the historic byway. It is in a wooded area that the Griggstown Boy Scouts planted pine tree seedlings in 1963. Many white pine are now 70 or 80 feet tall. They only need to use an area 24,000 square feet. Access would be by an existing field road. Mr. Staats first attempted to have a cell tower built on his property in 2007. He said he lives in an area where most cell phones do not work.
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City opposes proposed cell tower

However, they report Fontur International Inc., which represents Bell Mobility, is committed to locating the tower at that property. Bell Mobility told the Post Wednesday it is willing to continue to work on site selection with the city. Usage of smartphones and mobile data in Burlington continues to grow at a rapid pace, and Bell is seeking to put in place a new cell site to serve demand now and into the future, Albert Lee with Bell media relations wrote in an email statement to the Post. We are fully committed to working with city officials to review the Industrial Street site and potential alternative locations that would meet Bell’s coverage and capacity requirements. City planner Mike Crough, who has communicated with Fontur International Inc. about the application since 2011, says the statement does not mean there is a commitment to a new site for the tower. From the statement, it sounds like the overriding component is that it still has to meet their requirements, he told the Post. They may come back with basically the same response theyve given us in the past, which is, Well, theres nothing else in here that meets our requirements, this is the only site. The telecommunications tower would be located at the northeastern corner of the property, which is currently vacant, adjacent to the rear lot line. The structure would be situated within an approximately 46-square-metre equipment compound consisting of an equipment shelter and a 2.4-metre-high chain link fence. City staff objects to the tower as it does not comply with the citys protocol for radicommunication facilities. In particular, the proposed tower does not comply with four sections of the protocol, including: – Radiocommunication facilities should be as inconspicuous as possible. – Radiocommunication towers shall be designed to allow co-location for a minimum of two additional radiocommunication service providers.
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