How “cell Tower Dumps” Caught The High Country Bandits—and Why It Matters

AT&T Said to Seek Sale of Cell Towers Valued at $5 Billion

Glore’s sentencing is, apparently, still pending. About those 149,998 other numbers… Bandits? Caught. Justice? Done. But let’s step back from the final result for a moment and ponder the technique that provided the big leadthe cell tower dumps. Should we have any concerns with the government getting that sort of mass tracking information on so many Americans without a warrant? Some judges say yes. Former Magistrate Judge Brian Owsley dealt routinely with warrant requests and court orders until becoming a law school professor earlier this year; he has just written an intriguing paper about the issues surrounding cell tower dumps .
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There’s money in their cell towers, but telcos reject REIT idea

The assets could fetch about $5 billion and possible buyers include Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI) , SBA Communications Corp. (SBAC) and American Tower Corp. (AMT) , said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the process isnt public. AT&T said in March that it is open to the sale of the wireless towers and other peripheral assets. A sale would bolster AT&Ts balance sheet as it undertakes a $14 billion network upgrade, plans a stock buyback that may top $11 billion, and considers acquisitions in Europe . The tower industry is consolidating, with fewer companies controlling bigger swaths of the equipment needed to transmit wireless signals amid booming demand for mobile communications. American Tower, the biggest operator of cellular towers in the U.S., cell tower lease agreements agreed to buy the parent company of Global Tower Partners for $4.8 billion, including debt, earlier this month. The company and rival Crown Castle are increasing their role in the wireless industry, with many carriers selling their cell sites to the companies and leasing space back. AT&T shares rose less than 1 percent to $34.75 at the close in New York today. Profit Focus The tower sales let carriers focus on more profitable parts of their businesses — similar to the movement to offload office buildings and lease them back from real estate companies.
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Freddie Hamilton talks on his radio in May. AT&T has partially disabled 16 cell phone towers after they were found to cause radio failures among police and firefighters. Photo: Jason Henry, Special To The Chronicle Oakland police Lt. Freddie Hamilton talks on his radio in May…. In this photo taken July 19 2012, a new police communications tower is seen in Oakland, Calif., which is next to a smaller existing tower. A major portion of Oakland’s year-old policeradio system failed during President Barack Obama’s visit to the city this week, in one what one lieutenant described as a “train wreck.” Many of the 100 Oakland officers assigned to handle presidential security were unable to communicate with the police department dispatch center for a time during Monday’s presidential fundraiser at the Fox Theater. (AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle, Yue Wu) Photo: Yue Wu, Associated Press In this photo taken July 19 2012, a new police communications tower…
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Oakland police radio culprit: cell towers

has abandoned a push into the Canadian marketplace. With Verizon out and AT&T Inc. unlikely to bid, Greg MacDonald, an analyst with Macquarie Capital Markets, estimates the Big Three players will pay as much as $1-billion less than previously expected in next yearas auction for valuable wireless airwaves. Tower holding companies have long operated in the United States and are common in many parts of the world, where providers pay to lease space for their antennas and other network equipment and often aco-locatea with other carriers. Italyas Telecom Italia SpA is considering selling its towers, while AT&T is looking for a buyer for its 10,000 towers, according to reports this week from Bloomberg News.APotential buyer for AT&Tas towers, American Tower Corp., the biggest operator of cell towers in the U.S., converted to a REIT at the end of 2011. BCE spokesman Mark Langton said owning cell towers directly helps keep costs down. Galit Rodan/The Canadian Press Canadian REITs have dropped in value recently, but the sector had seen a seen a surge in initial public offerings from retailers who felt their real estate holdings were not fully valued in their share price. Loblaw Cos. Ltd., Canadian Tire Corp.
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