At&t Buys 32 Cellular Towers In Northeastern Wisconsin

More in HH Plantation Speak Out About Cell Tower

and2110 E. Moreland Blvd. Both have been in business for several years. Read Full Blog Post (22) Daly’s Pen Shop will close at Grand Avenue on Oct. 10 By Rick Romell of the Journal Sentinel Sept. 23, 2013 |Mon Sep 23 13:46:00 PDT 2013 Daly’s Pen Shop will leave its downtown home of nearly 90 years a little early. The longtime Milwaukee retailer of fine writing instruments will close its doors at The Shops of Grand Avenue after Oct. 10, rather than at the end of the year. Read Full Blog Post (3) Apple’s sales of new iPhones off to fast start By The Associated Press Sept. 23, 2013 |Mon Sep 23 13:36:58 PDT 2013 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Gadget lovers still can’t resist the iPhone’s seductive call, even amid a bevy of enticing lower-priced alternatives that offer similar features. In a Monday announcement, Apple Inc. said it sold 9 million units of its top-of-the-line iPhone 5S and less-expensive iPhone 5C during their first three days on sale.
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Cell tower plan moving ahead

The tower is set to be placed at 68 Dolphin Head Drive–that’s in the Hilton Head Plantation community– where a trail and many trees currently sit. And while some acknowledge the need for a stronger signal, they’re not happy about the tower. “We’re talking a 140 foot cell tower with a 3000 sq.ft pad or something to that effect, it will be taller than any tree, so it will definitely stand out.” And that’s exactly what neighbors like Neil Strohmaier didn’t want. “WhenI heard about a cell tower going in he middle of a residential area, a densely populated residential area,I was concerned becauseI might be faced with the same thing in the future.” Plans for future towers are uncertain, but he’s still concerned about this one, the tower set to go up in a free space area off Dolphin Head Drive. Neighbors were told it will be camouflaged to look like a pine tree. But that doesn’t mean anything to Strohmaier. “I’ve seen them in Michigan, they’re made to look like a pine tree and they stick out like a sore thumb,actually even more so probably than a single pole would stand out.” Strohmaier says he wishes management handled the situation differently from the beginning. “Say these are the locations where we want you to put the tower, and these are the locations where the tower or towers have to be in, because they have the least impact on our residents.” Although the eye sore is a problem—he says his biggest concern is the impact on quality of life. “We have to have better cell service, and I realize that things move on, and we have to be willing to take change, but when it comes at a cost to the owners, and it comes across the street from you, I don’t know anyone in this plantation that would relish that from happening.” While initial approval has been granted for the plan, it still has to have the final approval of the town’s Design Review Board.
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Drive against unauthorised cell towers

“After 24 hours, the batteries start going down,” said Fire Chief Heather Burford , who is the town’s director of emergency operations. “The need for better cell services was best demonstrated by the frustrations the town had during Irene, `Snowtober’ and Sandy,” said First Selectmen Rudy Marconi . That is why Burford and Marconi said they’re welcoming the idea of a cell tower to be built on the ridge line behind Ridgefield High School . The town could put its own radio system up there. Because the tower will have its own generator, there would be no power failure. “It would give us a much improved, much simpler system,” Burford said. The town may get its first look at the plans for the new tower in about a month. Ray Vergati, site development manager for Danbury-based Homeland Towers , said his company — which is working in tandem with AT&T on the project — plans to file plans with the town by mid-October. That sets off a 90-day period when the town can comment on the plan, and representatives from Homeland Towers can come to town and explain what the company wants to do. However, Vergati said, the town, while it can comment, has no power to rule on the project. The State Siting Council has that power.
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In the absence of norms, telecom operators had been erecting them without taking basic safety measures and structural stability into consideration. Officials said there were around 7,500 cell towers in the city, including ground-based towers, rooftop towers, rooftop poles, cell phone towers, antenna fixtures, fabricated antennas, towers to install telephone lines and transmission lines. While some operators had taken permission from the civic body before installing these towers, some had not. In several cases, those who did notify the GHMC submitted only the structural stability certificate but did not pay the fees. As per the new norms, the cell towers operators need to submit location plan, site plan, elevation plan, structural stability from IITs, NITs, engineering colleges approved by AICTE or structural engineers of government departments, building sanction copy, ownership documents of the building, lease agreement with owners and the telecommunication department, height of the towers, no objection certificate (NOC) from fire services department, NOC from the Airports Authority of India wherever required and NOC from building owners. It was also decided that cell towers would not be allowed in parks, play grounds, river and lake beds and full tank levels (FTL) of water bodies. Similarly, no cell tower would be allowed within 100 metre radius of schools, hospitals, heritage and religious buildings and boundary of rivers outside the corporation, municipality and nagar panchayats. The towers will also not be allowed 30 metres from FTL boundary of lakes, tanks and kuntas with an area of 10 hectares and above. Towers within 30 metres of railway properties as per the Indian Railway Works Manual would not be allowed and for all other towers, operators would have to produce NOC from railway authorities. Further, not cell tower or building will be allowed within 100 metres of protected monuments. When contacted, GHMC additional commissioner, D Ronald Rose, said that apart from enforcing the new rules, Rs 1 lakh fee would be collected from existing cell operators for each tower and only then would they be regularized.
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Mailing error delays Hilton Head cell tower approval

10 meeting. Town ordinance requires property owners within 100 feet of the tower to be notified of the proposed zoning change; a majority of whom must be in favor in order to be approved by the town. Of the five properties within 100 feet of the planned tower, one has objected and the others have not yet responded, Lopko said. Disguised as an exceptionally tall pine tree, the tower would be built between White Tail Deer Lane and Dolphin Head Drive and serve Verizon Wireless customers. Three other carriers could be added later, and AT&T has expressed interest in being one of them, plantation general manager Peter Kristian has said. If approved, tower construction is expected to begin this fall and be completed by early next year, according to Kristian. Strengthening wireless coverage became a top priority of the town in 2011. The island’s tree canopy, and town rules on where and how towers can be built has contributed to spotty coverage, according to wireless carriers and industry experts. Better wireless service makes homes more attractive to buyers and the island more appealing to tourists and business people who expect flawless coverage, according to the POA and area realtors.
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