Allen Isd Board To Consider At&t Cell Tower Near School

80% cell phone towers in Puducherry unauthorized

Board members also will discuss facility projects and a resolution about bond sale parameters. The school board meets at 7 p.m. at Allen City Hall, 305 Century Parkway. For the full agenda, visit Julieta Chiquillo Collin College hosts three voter registration events Collin College will host three Rock the Vote events in October. Each voter registration session is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The first is Oct. 1 in the Preston Ridge Campus Cougar Den, 9700 Wade Blvd., Frisco. Other events will be held Oct. 2 in the Spring Creek Campus Atrium, 2800 E.
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P.C. rejects cell tower

Cell towers have failed, and they do not fail just because of flawed designs; they fail because of construction error, erosion and lack of inspections, McNeil said. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, but it could also endanger his property. Engineers of the tower said they are built to withstand 104 mph winds and collapse within a 50-foot radius. Commissioners were not completely concerned with the tower falling from a severe weather event, when they denied the request Tuesday. P.C. rejects cell tower By ZACK McDONALD | The News Herald September 19, 2013 19:20 PANAMA CITY City commissioners have unanimously rejected a proposed 150-foot cellphone tower that builders said would increase access to 911 emergency services from mobile devices. Vertical Assets proposed the tower at Florida Avenue and 19th Street, an area where large swaths are designated as lacking coverage, according to Kim Bucciero, representative of the company. One thing to keep in mind is this is a public service, Bucciero said. This is going to help service, not just improve coverage for AT&T customers, but it also increases emergency 911 service to everyone. Cell towers have to be 500 feet from any residential property. The nearest property owner, at about 150 feet, expressed concerns of the cell tower falling on their property. No residence is located within 500 feet.
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He submitted a memorandum to the Lt Governor Virendra Kataria on Thursday seeking his immediate intervention to seal the unauthorized cell phone towers. The issue came to the fore after Kataria ordered for sealing five cell phone towers near the Puducherry central prison as the towers rendered the cell phone jammers inside the prison ineffective and the prisoners continued to operate their network from prison using mobile phones. Kataria also directed the officials to verify whether the cell phone towers in the territory were erected after obtaining approval from the government. Anbalagan, who has been repeatedly urging the government to curb use of mobile phones by prisoners, said the standing advisory committee for radio frequency (SACFA) has to give ‘no objection certificate for erecting cell phone towers. “But cell phone towers have been erected without obtaining SACFA permission. We brought the issue to the notice of the Puducherry planning authority and local administration department. But to our disappointment cell tower lease agreements the government did not take any action,” Anbalagan lamented. A senior government official said the government amended Puducherry building bye laws and zoning regulations in March last year and directed the private service providers to seek permission from Puducherry planning authority (PPA) for the cell phone towers erected before and after March this year. “Cellular operators owned by the government are exempted to get permission to erect towers.
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Carderock residents balk at state’s cell tower proposal

Bethesda resident Chris Roscetti (front, right), who lives half of a mile away from the proposed site of a cell tower, asks state officials about alternative sites during a public meeting Tuesday at the Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club in Bethesda.

Personally, I have come up against some of the uninformed West Vancouver politicians who are supposed to be representing our best interests in this particular project before. A few years ago, I felt it was my responsibility, as a biochemist, to inform them about the poor (and at times acidic i.e. pH 4-5) water quality in West Van which is quite unacceptable. However, some of the responses I received were quite outrageous including a statement from an MLA’s office about acidic water being OK when the accepted world standard for drinking water is pH 7 on a logarithmic scale. The electric current generated by any given source emits two types of energy, namely electrical and magnetic. Since magnetic fields can penetrate most media including the human body, they are the component of electromagnetic fields usually studied in relation to cancer. The electromagnetic radiation resulting from cell towers would be much stronger even than that generated by high-voltage power lines. Considering the potentially deadly effects of these on children, I suggest that Rogers builds the cell towers farther up the hill where there is currently no human habitation. Chanda Siddoo-Atwal
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Move West Vancouver cell towers farther up the hill

Both Verizon and AT&T are interested in getting stronger signals in the area. Yet, Marcia Lenninger would just as soon see the tower built there. She’s a co-owner of the Edgewood Home, which she is restoring. The idea of guests staring at a cell tower from their second floor rooms doesn’t sit well with her. Lake Helen is not the right place. Yes, I understand people need better reception here. That is a concern, but Lake Helen, of all the places for it to be next to, Lake Helen is not the place to be next to. Lenninger said she will continue to fight it, but Abshire may be in the majority in town. I don’t have a landline and nobody I know really has a landline. But everybody relies on cell service around here, I think, pretty much.
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Lake Helen residents divided over proposed cell tower


The school is about 1,000 feet away at 7401 Persimmon Tree Lane. It would take about 60 days to build and would cost approximately $300,000. The states department of transportation will hire a contractor for the work, said Peter N. Arrey, chief of technology contracts at the Maryland Department of Transportation. No agreement has been finalized, but if everything goes as planned, construction would begin in the summer of 2015. While the primary purpose is radio communication for law enforcement, Arrey said, the state is also looking to partner with AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The state could rent space on the tower to the cellphone carriers for about $50,000 a year, he said. Each additional co-locator would require another batch of antennae, he said. Carderock resident Wei Lu, who has a background working with cellphone towers, said he recognized there was a need for public safety but argued this was not the right location and would provide only spotty coverage for the river. But I have zero coverage now, Ryan said. Thats why I say this is not a good solution.
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